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  • Summer start cable cars: 29 May
  • Revision work and summer start Thermal Römerbad: 29 May
  • Summer start cable cars: 29 May
  • Revision work and summer start Thermal Römerbad: 29 May
Current information
Summer start cable cars: 29 May

From 29 May we start into Summer season with the two cable cars Kaiserburgbahn & Biosphärenparkbahn Brunnach and with the Kaiserburg Bob.
Please find all information for opening hours & prices here.

Revision work and summer start Thermal Römerbad: 29 May

From 02 April to 28 May 2024 the Thermal Römerbad is closed due to the yearly revision work. On 29 May 2024 we welcome you back in our thermal bath & sauna area.
Please find all information for opening hours & prices here.

Welcome at the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen

We are all about taking time out - and doing so on your own terms. Adventurous mountain lovers actively enjoy the great outdoors whilst others prefer to take it easy. What our visitors enjoy most, however, involves a lot of work on our end and even more dedication in the background. According to the investigative principles of “who, what, where and when,” join us as we take a thorough peek behind the scenes at the cable cars, the Thermal Römerbad, the Kaiserburg Bob, the Flow Country Trail as well as other activities and take a close look around.

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