Sweat. Smile. Relax. 7 reasons for a summerly sauna session

It’s a hot summer day, the sunscreen is glistening on your skin and you’ve got that urge to jump into ice-cold water. A visit to the sauna doesn’t seem to fit the picture here. Sauna in summer? Voluntarily? Of course!

Even in the height of summer, the heated infusion is worthwhile and still promises numerous positive effects on health and well-being. We asked the sauna experts at the Thermal Römerbad why head to the popular Finnish export in summer and what you need to bear in mind. Happy sweating!

Sweating ≠ Sweating.

Maybe you’ve also wondered why we sometimes sweat more, sometimes less. Or why the summer heat feels unbearably oppressive on some days. The secret lies in the air. The higher the humidity, the more strenuous we find warm temperatures. This is due to the fact that the saturated air can hardly absorb additional moisture. This is because the saturated air can hardly absorb any additional moisture. So instead of evaporating, the sweat stays on the skin and makes it more difficult for the body to cool down. We feel listless and sluggish.


In the sauna, on the other hand, the humidity only reaches about 5 – 12%. Sweat evaporates immediately in the dry heat, creating the so-called evaporative cooling effect. Our body’s own air conditioning system works much more effectively here. This means we can usually tolerate high temperatures better in the sauna than outdoors. Fascinating, isn’t it?

Who’s up for a summer sweating party? Yes, please.

However, regular visits to the sauna also conceal many other health-promoting effects:


1. Like a marathon.

If you go to the sauna regularly, a kind of training effect occurs in the body. Just like when doing sports, the circulatory and immune systems gradually adapt to the new stress. Your health performance improves. If you interrupt this routine during the summer, the body lacks this stimulus and your built-up performance deteriorates again. Therefore, regular sauna visits in the summer support the development of long-term stable health.


2. Bye bye summer flu.

Whether it’s annoying cold viruses in winter or constantly blowing air conditioning in summer – our immune system is exposed to a lot of stresses all year round. To provide efficient defence mechanisms, the body must be able to respond quickly to certain stimuli. This is exactly what you train when going to the sauna. Just as with a mild fever, your body temperature increases in the sauna. The body takes this as a sign of illness and puts everything in motion to activate the immune system. The faster and more precisely it reacts, the better bacteria and viruses can be warded off.

3. Metabolism turbo.

When the body warms up, your metabolism also gets going. You burn more calories, but by itself the sauna is no miracle fat burner ;-) Instead, your body excretes many toxins through increased sweating, which makes you feel fresher and more balanced. The best effect is achieved through a combination of heat and cold. Want to find out more about how this works? Then check out our blog post “Hot vs. cold”.


4. A good heart.

Your cardiovascular system is also happy about these regular sweating sessions. Because then your heart pumps harder with every beat to supply the skin with enough blood. At the same time, the vessels dilate in the heat and blood can be transported more easily throughout the body. By the way, a healthy cardiovascular system is the perfect prerequisite for an active hiking summer.


5. Pore-deep clean.

Your skin will be particularly pleased about better blood circulation and the happy sweating. This is because it’s better able to free itself from impurities and open up clogged pores. In addition, regular trips to the sauna also accelerate the renewal of skin cells. Here, too, the alternating the temperature between hot and cold is worthwhile to gain firm, clean and healthy skin.

6. Summer sauna complexion.

Sweating also improves the water storage capacity of your skin. This reduces dryness and promotes elasticity. A little moisturiser after a visit to the sauna room and a high enough factor of sun protection keeps your skin fresh and robust against external influences


7. Simply balanced.

Last but not least, visiting the sauna increases serotonin levels and makes you happy and relaxed. Because even though your body is working at full speed, your muscles can finally take a break. How well you recover depends on the quality of your rest between sauna sessions. That’s why we also make every effort to create a calming and pleasant atmosphere in our relaxation rooms at the Thermal Römerbad.

Have you already started sweating or are you still waving towels?

To get the most out of your summer sauna routine, follow these tips:


It’s worth it to stick with it.

If you’ve found your perfect sauna routine during the cold season, then keep it up. You can go to the sauna just as often in summer as in winter.


Acclimatise properly.

The cooling down afterwards is just as important as the sweating itself. But please don’t overdo it! Instead of taking a plunge in the ice bath, get some exercise outdoors. Afterwards, make yourself comfortable in 10-15 degree warm water. Always cool down slowly and towards the heart.


Health comes first.

In general, avoid going to the sauna if you have an acute cold. In case of other health problems, we recommend that you seek medical advice first.


The golden rules of the sauna.
Hydration – probably the most important rule when enjoying a sauna. You should also remember not to sit in the sauna with a full stomach, nor with an empty one. Longer breaks and a few light snacks in between will help your body cope with the strain.

By the way, we’ve got even more sweating tips from our sauna expert Almo, who gives us a few insights behind the scenes of his heated job.


By the way…

In the Thermal Römerbad, the infusions are celebrated as very special events. In summer, fruityfresh infusions with lemon, orange or lime have a particularly invigorating effect – the perfect end to an active day in the Nockberge mountains. You can find our current sauna infusion schedule on our website.


Not enough yet? Then don’t miss the special ice infusion in the Trajanus sauna (daily at 11.00 am). We’re already looking forward to sweaty mountain summer with you!