Silent Cinema: Open air cinema at the foot of the Kaiserburgbahn

On June 30, 2023, the time had finally come! For the first time we welcomed the Ö3 Silent Cinema Open Air Tour at the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen. And one thing we already know for sure: it definitely won’t be the last time. So what is it with headphones, rain ponchos and curly fries? Here’s a quick review on the most beautiful summer cinema in Austria.

What’s behind the Silent Cinema?

It really means what it says. In an ordinary cinema you get your Dolby surround sound, but with the Silent Cinema you get handed wireless headphones on the way in. This means you get to pick the volume and language of the film yourself and can also change it at any time. Yes, you read that right: listen as loudly or as quietly as you like. And it gets even better: say goodbye to the distracting whispering, annoying mobiles going off and people digging loudly in their popcorn – at the Silent Cinema, the cinematic experience is all yours.


On its summer tour, the Ö3 Silent Cinema Tour stops at the most beautiful locations in Austria – all the more reason, of course, for us to finally welcome it at the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen.

Just picture it. Open air under the starry sky.

Friday night. The large field next to the Kaiserburgbahn valley station is transformed into a sea of colourful deckchairs – all facing the gigantic portable screen and with an outstanding view of the unique mountain panorama all the way up to the summit of the Kaiserburg. The perfect setting.


Ushered by the last rays of sunshine, around 300 open-air fans arrive at the site – from near and far, as couples, families or groups of friends. Everyone is waiting eagerly for the sun to finally take its leave and a dreamlike canopy of millions and millions of stars to be revealed.


Aaaaand action!

When darkness descends, it’s headphones on, roll the film. Visitors were able to vote online between four different films beforehand. Disney’s classic “The Lion King”, which has also been shown in an animated version since 2019, was the favourite. A massive hit with our guests, young and old alike – at least as far as we can tell from all the beaming faces before, during and after the screening.

Nothing can dampen our spirits…

There’s nothing we can do about an unexpected turn in the weather. In the middle of the show, a summer shower decides to drop in on us. But we’ve come well equipped with rain jackets, ponchos and blankets – no one lets the rain get in the way of a good evening. And somehow this makes the already thrilling 118 minutes of cinema even more exciting.


The finest cinema snacks.

The “Ski- & Bikerestaurant zum Sepp” makes sure there are no hungry tummies on the cinema field. With fresh popcorn, crunchy cheese nachos, delicious curly fries and cool drinks, the cinema foodies who come for the great snacks aren’t left disappointed.


By the way: the two World Cup snowboarding pros Alex Payer and Sabine Schöffmann didn’t miss the open-air cinema date either, of course. Snuggled up and in the unique scenery of our Nockberge mountains: not too taxing a day, is it?