Day Spa Bad Kleinkirchheim, Carinthia

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Manicure & pedicures, beauty treatments, massages, or simply experience our extensive sauna area.




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Massage & Beauty
daily: 12.00 - 20.00
Tel. +43 4240 8282 207

Thermal spa & sauna

daily: 10.00 - 21.00 
Spa & sauna closure: 15 minutes before closing time
Tel. + 43 4240 8282 201


Classic- & Pine massages

Partial and full body massages

Back or leg massage
25 mins € 38,-
Block of 10 € 342,-


Head, neck & shoulder massage
25 mins € 38,-

Full body massage
50 mins € 64,-
Block of 10 € 576,-

Sports massage
50 mins € 66,-

Reflexology massage

The self-healing powers of the body's organs are stimulated via the reflex points on the sole and back of the feet.


Foot reflex massage
25 mins € 38,-

Foot reflex & back massage
50 mins € 64,-

Massage und Beauty im Thermal Römerbad der Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen                         erg
Pine ritual

A pine steam pillow infused with essential oils encourages sleep and has anti-inflammatory properties.


50 mins € 74,-

Pine oil massage

Full body
50 mins € 66,-

25 mins € 41,-

Speciality massage

Manuel lymph drainage

This gentle soft massage technique stimulates lymph drainage and helps to remove any water retention.


25 mins € 35,-

45 mins € 55,-

Soap lather massage

Sea-salt peel to stimulate circulation, soap lather massage and moisturising cream on the hamam table. Please book at least one day in advance.

50 mins € 64,-

Aromatherapy massage

This full body massage strengthens your immune system

50 mins € 64,-

Nordic walking massage

Reflexology, leg, neck and shoulder massage using unique speik oil from the local region

45 mins € 55,-

Hot-stone massage

Naturopathy has worked with the power of stones for thousands of years. This treatment also uses their energy and therapeutic power

50 mins € 59,-

Individual fascial treatment

Tension areas and knots in the connective tissue are released through this oil-free massage technique.

25 mins € 38,-

Children's massage

Full body massage for children up to age 13

25 mins € 35,-

From head to toe.

Relax and do somehing good for your body. Masks, peelings, and special beauty treatments will really make your skin glow!

Gesichtsbehandlung im Thermal Römerbad
Facial treatment

A cleansing treatment tailored to your skin type, including a peel followed by a cream mask and skincare cream.

50 Min. € 64,-

Wohlfühlatmosphäre im Thermal Römerbad
Children's beauty

Facial for children and young people up to 16 years with deep cleansing, peel, mask and finishing treatment.

50 Min. € 44,-

Maniküre im Thermal Römerbad Beautycenter

Hand care € 36,-

Pediküre im Thermal Römerbad Beautycenter

Pedicure € 36,-

Block of 3 € 112,-

If something comes up...

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to keep an appointment, otherwise you may be subject to a 100 % cancellation fee. If you arrive late to an appointment, we hope you understand that your treatment will be shortened accordingly to fit the prearranged schedule.

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