Day Spa Bad Kleinkirchheim, Carinthia

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Manicure & pedicures, beauty treatments, massages, or simply experience our extensive sauna area.




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Massage & Beauty
daily: 12.00 - 20.00
Tel. + 43 4240 8282 201

Thermal spa & sauna

daily: 10.00 - 21.00 
Spa & sauna closure: 15 minutes before closing time


Classic- & Pine massages

Frau bei einer Nackenmassage in einem der modernen Massageräume im Thermal Römerbad
Partial and full body massages

Back or leg massage
25 mins € 42,-
Block of 10 € 378,-


Head, neck & shoulder massage
25 mins € 42,-

Full body massage
50 mins € 71,-
Block of 10 € 639,-

Sports massage
50 mins € 73,-

Frau zur Rückenmassage im Thermal Römerbad
Reflexology massage

The self-healing powers of the body's organs are stimulated via the reflex points on the sole and back of the feet.


Foot reflex massage
25 mins € 42,-

Foot reflex & back massage
50 mins € 71,-

Massage und Beauty im Thermal Römerbad der Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen, Auszeit-Momente in Kärnten
Pine ritual

A pine steam pillow infused with essential oils encourages sleep and has anti-inflammatory properties.


50 mins € 82,-

Massageöl-Tropfen auf Rücken, für Massage im Thermal Römerbad Bad Kleinkirchheim
Pine oil massage

Full body
50 mins € 73,-

25 mins € 45,-

Speciality massage

Manual lymph drainage for the legs

This gentle, soft massage technique stimulates lymph drainage and helps to remove any water retention.


50 mins € 72,-

Aromatherapy massage

This full body massage strengthens your immune system.

50 mins € 77,-

Nordic walking massage

Reflexology, leg, neck and shoulder massage using unique speik oil from the local region.

50 mins € 71,-

Hot-stone massage

Naturopathy has worked with the power of stones for thousands of years. This treatment also uses their energy and therapeutic power.

50 mins € 71,-

Individual fascial treatment

Tension areas and knots in the connective tissue are released through this oil-free massage technique.

25 mins € 46,-

Children's massage

Full body massage for children up to age 14.

25 mins € 42,-

From head to toe.

Relax and do somehing good for your body. Masks, peelings, and special beauty treatments will really make your skin glow!

Gesichtsbehandlung im Thermal Römerbad, Massage und Beauty in Kärnten, Wellnessurlaub
Facial treatment

A cleansing treatment tailored to your skin type, including a peel followed by a cream mask and skincare cream.

50 Min. € 71,-

Wohlfühlatmosphäre im Thermal Römerbad, Massage und Beauty in Kärnten
Children's beauty

Facial for children up to 14 years with deep cleansing, peel, mask and finishing treatment.

50 Min. € 49,-

Maniküre im Thermal Römerbad Beautycenter, Verwöhnprogramm und Wellness in den Alpen

Hand care € 40,-

Pediküre im Thermal Römerbad Beautycenter, Auszeit und Wellness in Kärnten

Pedicure € 52,-

Block of 3 € 124,-

If something comes up...

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to keep an appointment, otherwise you may be subject to a 100 % cancellation fee. If you arrive late to an appointment, we hope you understand that your treatment will be shortened accordingly to fit the prearranged schedule.

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