Silent Cinema Open Air 2024: A recap of the summer's cinema highlight

After a successful premiere last year, the Ö3 Silent Cinema Open Air Tour made another stop at the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen on 5 July. The cinema’s second appearance also drew numerous cinema enthusiasts to the event and to the foot of the Kaiserburg summit, where they were able to experience an unforgettable evening at the cinema with a unique backdrop. We take a look back on the evening in this blog article. Roll the review!

“Silent” cinema, and we’re not talking about silent films.

As the name “Silent Cinema” suggests, this cinema format means outsiders can’t hear the film screening. As a viewer, on the other hand, you’re given wireless headphones, which allow you to adjust the language and volume settings yourself, making the experience one of intimacy and togetherness. This creates a very special atmosphere, which the open-air cinema visitors in Bad Kleinkirchheim were able to experience live last Friday.


Starry skies instead of cinema lighting.

You’d be hard pressed to find anything as romantic as a cinema under the stars. The numerous film fans were happy to swap their usual cinema seats for deckchairs, theatre lighting for a starry sky and Dolby surround sound for the sounds of nature. As the sun slowly sank behind the mountain peaks, they waited spellbound for the film to start. The large, mobile screen wasn’t the only impressive sight – the view of the mountain panorama was enough to take your breath away. The weather also played along perfectly.

And the winner is…

Well we weren’t giving away any Oscars, but guests were able to vote for their favourite film online in the run-up to the event and the film with the most votes was shown. There were four different blockbusters from different genres to choose from. The winner was the American rom-com “Anyone but You”, which took the audience on a hilarious trip to Australia, where they got to see the trials and tribulations of love. There were times you could almost forget you were sitting in the open air in the middle of the Carinthian mountains. In any case, the unforgettable evening at the cinema was certainly an experience we don’t regret.


As you’d expect with this genre, some couples were spotted at the open-air cinema, but groups of friends and families didn’t miss out on this unique date under the stars either. And even though everyone had their own headphones, many shared the cosy blanket or popcorn bag.

It wouldn’t be a movie night without the snacks.

Since you simply can’t have a movie night without the perfect snacks, there were fresh popcorn, crispy nachos and cool drinks for everyone. This provided the treats as well as the background noise you only get with silent cinema.

We’re not going to spoil the film’s ending. But we can tell you the open-air cinema definitely had a happy ending, as could be seen from the many smiling faces of the cinema audience at the end of the night. Will there be a sequel? For sure! Will you be there (again)?