Mountain Yoga Trail Bad Kleinkirchheim

Carinthia's 1st Mountain Yoga Trail at almost 2,000 metres above sea level 


Is a greeting among yogis, meaning: ‘The Divine Light in me honours the Divine Light in you’. Indeed, yoga is about much more than just movement. It is an ancient Indian philosophy – connecting mind and body.

How Does Yoga Work?

Using physical exercises and meditation, different energy centres of the body are activated, restoring harmony. Yoga helps one feel more focused, relaxed and well-balanced.

Along our Mountain Yoga Trail, amidst a breath-taking natural landscape, you can practice different yoga positions, bathed in the fragrant scents of the forest. The Yoga Trail leads through the Nockberge Biosphere Park … bringing you closer to yourself. We wish you a pleasant journey.

What Are Chakras?

These are the energy centres of your body. The word “chakra” comes from Sanskrit (the sacred language of India), meaning a wheel or cycle.

Chakras are important energy channels connecting the body and mind. According to traditional yoga teachings, imbalances manifest themselves in physical or psychological disorders. Here is a short overview of the seven principle chakras...

An Overview.

This should help you get orientated. 

Starting at the beginning. Use way to the second station to arrive at the present. Count on the inhale to three, hold your breath and count to six as you exhale. Welcome to the here and now!




Return to yourself and reconnect... with yourself, your surroundings, with everyone and the entire universe! This exercise helps you to become more focused and alert. Awaken, and feel the Earth’s energy beneath your feet.
Prithvi Mudra

Energy: Earth
Mantra: LAM
Mission: material Safety

Mountain Pose I

Tadsana I

Position your feet at hip-width, parallel to each other. Straighten the top of your head so your body is fully upright. Let your arms hang alongside your body, with palms facing inwards. Now direct your attention to the soles of your feet.


Mountain Pose II

Tadsana II

If you feel more confident, then continue with Tadasana I. Activate the pelvis, curl up your coccyx, elongate your neck and lower your chin a little. In this way, the body energy flows up and down the spine.


The explaining video will be available soon.





This pose revitalizes your body and mind. These two asanas strengthen the root chakra, while opening the upper body. The second pose – the Utkatasana – also trains your balance and stamina.

Extended Mountain Pose

Urdhva Hastasana

Assume the mountain pose. Inhale and stretch your arms upwards. Your head is between the two upper arms with the palms of your hands facing each other. This is the starting position for the next exercise. Now inhale and exhale deeply. Or move on  to the Utkatasana.




This is a more demanding pose. From the extended mountain pose, bend your legs until your thighs are almost parallel to the ground. Put your weight on your heels and make sure that your knees remain behind your toes. Look in front of you. After five breaths, return slowly to the Tadasana mountain pose by lowering your arms and stretching your legs. Feel the difference!


The explaining video will be available soon.




This asana activates your Sacral Chakra. It stretches your back, buttocks and the back of your legs. It also stimulates the blood circulation in your head, regulating your blood pressure. This asana has a particularly calming effect.

Standing Forward Bend I

Uttanasana I

Your legs are stretched out and aligned with your hips. As you exhale, bend your upper body forward towards the tree. You can either hold on to it or move on to the next position. Make sure that your back remains straight at all times.


Standing Forward Bend II

Uttanasana II

Simply place your hands on the floor – you can also hug your legs. Now, let your head hang down and take a deep breath. To return from this pose, straighten your back and bring your arms to your sides.


The explaining video will be available soon.




This position is akin to the ‘holy grail’ of asanas, activating all chakras at the same time. The Trikonasana strengthens the leg-muscles, stretching both sides of the body, opening the chest and freeing the spinal cord. This pose truly regenerates the whole body.

Triangle I

Trikonasana I

Place your feet parallel to each other, slightly more than hipwidth apart. Stretch your arms upwards and cross your hands. Now, tilt your upper body to the right and transfer your weight onto the left leg. Take a few deep breaths before repeating the same on the other side. Seems too easy? Then try Triangle II.


Triangle II

Trikonasana I

Stand with your legs apart and swivel your right foot outwards at 90°. Bring your arms parallel with the floor with palms facing down. Inhale and extend your right arm and upper body to the right. Then let your right arm drop down while stretching your left arm upwards. Look up towards your hand before pointing the other arm towards the ground – your upper body needs to twist upwards with your arms maintaining a vertical axis. Breathe a few times before standing up straight – before switching sides.


The explaining video will be available soon.




This asana serves to open up the Solar Plexus. But holding the pose requires a lot more effort involving thighs, buttocks, arms, back, chest and abdominal muscles. This exercise requires considerable effort, but it also strengthens the centre of your body.
Prithvi Mudra

Energy: Earth
Mantra: RAM
Mission: Authority


Forearm Plank Pose


Assume a quadruped position: on all fours. Supporting yourself on your forearms, stretch one leg at a time backwards so your body forms a straight line. Be careful not to let your body sag. When you’ve managed to stabilize in this position, look down at the the floor and take 10 deep breaths. How much longer can you hold out for?


Side Plank Pose


The starting position for this asana is the classical push-up pose. Then shift your weight to your right arm and bring up your left foot to the right side so that your legs are on top of each other. Can you feel the tension? Try to stabilize your trunk with your  left arm stretched upwards. Turn your head upwards or look straight ahead. Then change sides!


The explaining video will be available soon.




Facing the tree in front of you, this asana opens the Heart Chakra. It strengthens your arms and shoulders, opening the chest and stretching the groin. This also harmonises your mind: boosting self-confidence to better cope with the stresses of everyday life.
Prithvi Mudra

Energy: Earth
Mantra: YAM
Task: a feel-good environment


Warrior I

Virabhadrasana I

Exhale and take a step backwards while turning your back foot outwards to 45°. Bend your front knee until it is level with your ankle and your thigh parallel with the ground. As you inhale, stretch both arms out with your palms facing each other. Pull your shoulders down and look upwards. Hold this post for several breaths and then change sides, with the other leg pushed backwards.


The explaining video will be available soon.





Twist your body! On one side, your muscles and nerves are going to be compressed while on the other, they’re being stretched out. This has a positive effect on the body, especially the digestion – which, in turn, produces an invigorating and rejuvenating effect.


Swivel Seat I

Ardha Matsyendrasana I

Sit down and stretch out your legs in front of you. Bend your right leg and place it next to your left knee. At the next breath, stretch both arms upwards. As you exhale, turn your upper body gently to the right and place your right hand on your buttocks. Meanwhile, use your left elbow to press on the outside of the bent knee. Turn your head slightly over your left shoulder, your chin over the sternum and hold the pose for a few breaths. Then change sides!


Swivel Seat II

Ardha Matsyendrasana II

Sitting with legs folded, bring up your buttocks to the left side – with both ischial tuberosities touching the ground. Take your right leg and place it next to your left knee. If you are stable, you are ready to perform the rotation – exactly as described in Swivel Seat I. In this position, take a few deep breaths, then switch sides.


The explaining video will be available soon.





This is probably the most well-known yoga pose of them all – and not without good reason: this challenging asana stretches the back of your body, reducing stiffness – while having a relaxing effect. Most of all, it boosts your stamina. Get down on all fours and start!
Prithvi Mudra

Energy: Earth
Mantra: OM
Task: Healing


Extended Puppy Pose

Uttana Shishosana

Lengthen your arms on the floor to the front stretching your armpits wide open. With your buttocks above the knees, hold the pose for a few breaths while stretching your back.


Downward Facing Dog

Adho Mukha Svanasana

Press your hands firmly into the ground and push your buttocks upwards into the air – so that your belly comes closer to your thighs. Keep your knees slightly bent, so your heels don’t reach the floor. Open your shoulder-blades and look between your feet. Breathe deeply.




With your forearms flat on the ground, balance on your head upside-down, interlocking your fingers to support the back of your head. Stretch your legs upwards. It is important that your forearms always remain firmly pressed to the ground. When your buttocks are above your shoulders, pull your knees down towards your stomach, without swinging – using your muscles. In the last step, widen your hips and stretch out your legs.

The explaining video will be available soon.





At the end of this exercise comes deep relaxation with final meditation. Stress hormones are reduced and endorphins released. Rest with your chakras fully harmonised.
Prithvi Mudra

Energy: Earth
Mantra: OM
Task: Holistic

Death Position


Lie on your back on the wooden platform in front of you and relax. Your arms are stretched away from your body, with the palms of your hands facing upwards, keeping your legs slightly apart. Close your eyes and let your thoughts wander over your body. In this position, inhale and exhale about 30 times. Then, open your eyes and feel the energy. At the end, say farewell and return to the here and now.


Lotus Pose


If you’re already familiar with this asana, you can assume the lotus position and start meditating – the dome of the rock is especially suitable for this. Stay in this position for at least 30 inhalations. Use the last part of the circuit to say farewell before returning to the here and now.

The explaining video will be available soon.



The Idea.

Allow us to introduce... Anja Krois: specialised in movement, a certified Spiraldynamik® expert and qualified sports scientist. Above all else, Anja is a passionate and dedicated Yoga Teacher. 

Anja provided valuable input to the Bad Kleinkirchheim’s Cable e Car Facilities project, adding an extra dollop of fun when planning the Mountain Yoga Trail. From the first to the last station, this led to the creation of something special. For greater awareness in the daily routine or a pleasant break somewhere in-between. At any level.

Up for some yoga now? Anja has had her own yoga studio for some years already and is always happy to welcome new students and motivated yogis. Find out more at:

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