COVID -19: latest information

As of January  2021

StaySafe – with social distancing and personal responsibility

Dear visitors to the Bad Kleinkirchheim ski area,

Due to coronavirus, it will be a winter marked by unusual conditions. Ensuring the personal health and safety of everyone is more important than ever – including in the daily activities of the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen corporate group. To make your day of skiing and winter sports as enjoyable and carefree as possible, we are doing all we can to protect you and all of our staff.


As the operator of the cable cars and the Römerbad Thermal Spa, we have therefore taken a range of measures to protect all guests and employees in accordance with the regulations of the Austrian federal government. But we have also chosen to take  additional steps above and beyond the legal requirements.




As things stand, the skiing operations will not be subject to restrictions in the 2020/21 winter season.

Skiing and other winter sports enjoyed in the great outdoors are proven to be healthy.  


The Bad Kleinkirchheim ski area offers excellent facilities, including:


  • 5 access points with parking spaces:
    • Kaiserburg valley station
    • Biosphärenparkbahn valley station
    • Maibrunn valley station
    • Sonnwiesen valley station
    • Nockalm valley station
  • 24 cable cars and lifts
    • Passengers are transported mainly with chairlifts and T-bar lifts; magic carpets are also provided for children.
    • Fresh mountain air is thus a constant companion at an altitude ranging from 1,100 to almost 2,000 metres above sea level.
  • On 34 wide runs spread over a 300-hectare piste area that is freshly prepared each day, you can enjoy skiing with plenty of distance between you and your fellow skiers.



Please respect our COVID-19 Code of Conduct, which is continuously adapted to the current situation and, if necessary, to changing legal or regulatory requirements.




  • Signs & information points with rules and advice for keeping yourself and others safe throughout the ski area.


  • Face coverings - FFP2 - Nockalmbahn, Biosphärenparkbahn Brunnach: Face coverings (FFP2) must be worn in certain areas (cable car cabins; keep an eye out for the signs).


  • Face coverings - tube scarves: Face coverings  must be worn in certain areas (e.g. POS/check-out area, access points; keep an eye out for the signs).


  • Organisation of queuing areas: Irrespective of the current legal requirements, the queuing areas have been organised in a way that avoids groups of people standing too close together. 
    Our staff are on hand to help and will also be happy to give you tips about the skiing area.

  • Hand hygiene: We have installed hand sanitiser stations inside our cable cars and toilet facilities.

  • Capacities: There is no legal requirement to reduce the maximum number of persons allowed inside the cable car or chairlift cabins; however, the permitted capacities will not be fully utilised when passenger numbers are low. Face coverings must be worn at all times inside the cabins.

  • Ventilation of the cabins: The cable car cabins are ventilated by opening the sliding windows when travelling towards the valley.

  • Disinfection measures: All cable car facilities, sanitary facilities and first aid rooms are regularly disinfected by us.

  • Staff who are in contact with guests must wear a face covering and gloves.

  • COVID-19 test: All staff are tested continuously and on an ad-hoc basis.




In the online ticket shop
you can buy one-day and multi-day ski passes for the Bad Kleinkirchheim ski area 24/7 from anywhere.

Ski passes available at reception
More than 100 partner businesses in Bad Kleinkirchheim and Feld am See sell ski passes directly at reception. So you can hit the wide and perfectly-groomed slopes as soon as you’ve checked into your accommodation.


Charging existing KeyCards

In the online ticket shop, you can charge your ski passes by entering the 16-digit KeyCard number. This can be done for both one-day and multi-day ski passes. If you have a voucher from Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen, this can also be used to buy a ski pass in the online ticket shop.


Ticket machines with buy & pick-up function

Ticket machines are located at the Kaiserburg valley station and the Biosphärenparkbahn Brunnach valley station. Tickets can be bought there or pre-ordered in the online ticket shop of Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen and then collected from the ticket machine at any time by choosing the ‘pick-up’ option.

  • Wear face coverings - FFP2 - Nockalmbahn, Biosphärenparkbahn Brunnach: Face coverings (FFP2) must be worn in certain areas (cable car cabins; keep an eye out for the signs


  • Wear face coverings - tube scarves: Face coverings  must be worn in certain areas (e.g. POS/check-out area, access points; keep an eye out for the signs).


  • Social distancing 
    Keep sufficient distance between yourself and people who aren’t from the same household. The minimum distance must also be maintained in the cable car cabins.
  • Ventilation of the cabins
    If necessary, open the sliding windows during the ride to ensure that the cable cars are sufficiently ventilated.
  • Ensure proper hand hygiene
    Observe the general hygiene rules and wash your hands regularly. Sanitiser stations have been installed inside the cable car and toilet facilities.


  • Dispose of used face masks
    Properly dispose of protective masks and tissues; don’t drop them on the floor. Sufficient bins are provided in the cable car stations.


  • Follow the instructions
    To ensure safe and proper conduct in the ski area, follow the instructions and advice of our staff (especially with regard to hygiene rules).


  • Cashless payment
    If possible, use the online ticket shop of Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen to avoid paying with cash.


  • Only ski if you’re healthy
    If you feel unwell or have any symptoms that might indicate a COVID-19 infection (fever, cough, sore throat, etc.), please refrain from skiing. All holiday guests must inform the reception of their accommodation immediately.

And above all:
take personal responsibility and play your part in protecting the health and safety of your fellow guests.

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