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In addition to thermal spa pleasures and mountain adventures, Kärnten’s Bad Kleinkirchheim holiday region inspires its guests with numerous and various events. What wouldn't you like to miss out under any circumstances when spending your vacation in the south of Austria?

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Traditional fence-making event "Zaunringbraten"

02.06.2018 / 09:00
Traditional festival in the Feldpannalm in Feld am See

Every year at the heart of the Carinthian Nockberge Mountains, the old traditional ways of working in the everyday life of the mountain farmers are demonstrated to visitors during an alpine festival.
During the typical regional “Zaunringbraten”, fresh spruce branches, with the needles removed, are heated over an open fire and shaped into a ring by hand, then used to construct a specimen fence without any of the usual modern resources such as nails or screws.
Other traditional tasks you can admire at the alpine festival:
Wooden troughs - Using a special axe, wooden troughs are created from larch trunks. These are used today as flower troughs and water troughs.
Water pipes - A long drill is used to hollow out the core of slim, four metre long larch branches. Connected together using interim sections made of wood, these fountain pipes were used for decades as domestic water pipes.
Felting - Sheep’s wool is felted, then with the help of water it is shaped and finished into articles for everyday use, such as clothing, bags, etc.
Broom binding - Birch twigs are tied together to make traditional brooms.

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Lecture in german language

14.06.2018 / 18:00
Biosphärenparkbahn Brunnach

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