Wanderung Nockart


A hikeable art project in Bad Kleinkirchheim

To paraphrase Johann Wolfgang von Goethe’s words:
“Only the areas you explored on foot, are the ones you really got to know.“

nock/art is the connection of sportive and nature experiences, extended by the additional spiritual dimension added by art and culture. Taking into account the rich landscape and way of life of the region in connection with the meaning of the thermal spas for Bad Kleinkirchheim, this concept is the basis of a holistic approach. Already more than 2,000 years ago these three columns formed the basis for the regeneration of body and soul. Newly and modernly interpreted, guests looking for recreation in Bad Kleinkirchheim today will find new access to an individual and holistic active vacation with the nock/art project.

Along six nock/art routes the Nockberge Mountains biosphere park and the Kirchheimer Valley can be discovered on leisurely village walks and exciting summit tours. All routes are additionally combinable with the stages of the Alpe Adria Trail. The works and installations of renowned international artist along the way are to inspire and stimulate hikers, allowing them to change perspectives.

The nock/art guide serves as digital aid providing lots of information around nock/art routes. Simply download the smartphone app here!

“If mountains are there, I know that I can climb them to get a new perspective on life from above.“
Follow Hubert von Goisern’s footsteps and discover your favorite nock/art route:

Route 1: Kirchheimer Talrunde

Numerous access points offer many opportunities to become acquainted with the village on this varied and pram-suited circular trail and to enjoy views of the Kirchheimer Valley. Thanks to the trails that are marked with “Zur Schattseitn“ and “Zur Sunnseitn“, strollers and hikers alike will find first reference points to explore both sides of the valley.

Route 2: Feldpannalm-Runde

Hikers easily reach the starting point of the Feldpannalm round with the Kaiserburgbahn. From the grass ridges that are so typical for the Nockberge, the trail leads past the Wöllaner Nock summit, down to the green pastures of the Feldpannalm. After an extensive rest stop at the Almhütte, you continue along the Feldpann creek and return to the starting point.

Route 3: Wöllaner Nock-Alpinrunde

The Kaiserburgbahn takes you to the starting point of the Wöllaner Nock Alpinrunde. Along the mountain ridge, the trail leads across four summits: Kaiserburg, Wöllaner Nock, Vorderer Wöllaner Nock as well as Pfaffeneck. The section around the Geigerhütte is characterised by its particularly picturesque alpine landscape. Via Lichteben, the trail takes hikers back to the Kaiserburgbahn.

Route 4: St. Oswald-Bach-Wasserweg and Alpinrunde

In the hamlet of Bach there are several contemporary witnesses of historical art: Lime kiln, smithy, a saw and other mills. The trail starts at the Trattnig mill, first leads along St. Oswald’s creek slightly ascending to its source and finds its challenging continuation in the Oswald-Bach-Alpinrunde. Variedly this route takes hikers along lush and green alpine meadows, all the way to up to the barren Krummseggenrasen around the summit of the Steinnock (2,197 m).

Route 5: Nockberge Biosphärenpark-Runde

The starting point of the circular trail through the Nockberge biosphere park can be found at the summit station of the Brunnach Nationalparkbahn. The trail leads high above a protected area across the prominent Nocken ridge and opens fantastic views of a unique nature and cultural landscape. At Lake Pfannnocksee you can continue by sidetracking to some of the nearby mountain summits depending on your condition, before returning to the starting point.

Route 6: Mallnock-Alpinrunde

The centuries-old cattle trail used by Kirchheim’s farmers starts near the historical Wegerstadl at an altitude of 1,342 metres and over 700 metres in height leads across the Brunnachgatter to the Mallnock summit with a few challenging passages inbetween. From there, you will enjoy a fantastic view of the Nockalmstraße and can admire Michael Strasser’s art work entitled “In situ“. Via the Klomnock, the Lärchenhütte and the Falkerthaus (a good opportunity to take a snack break) along the St. Oswald creek you head towards the end of the valley and back to the starting point of this alpine mountain tour.

Find more information in the brochure (in German language only) here