From the Kaiserburgbahn mountain station to the Unterwirt Hüttn
Three sections of the trail with a length of nearly 11.3 kilometres will be ready for use on the opening weekend.

Section 4 – from Unterwirt Hüttn to the Kaiserburg valley station – and the approximately 1000 m² Kaiserburg valley station bike parcours, comprising training course and pump track, are currently still under construction. This section will be gradually cleared for use, subject to construction progress, by late August/early September. Until section 4 is completed, it is possible to continue riding from Unterwirt Hüttn down into the valley on the forest road, which also serves as an approved mountain bike track (route 09, 11).

Sections Flow Country Trail

Sections Flow Country Trail Status
Section 1 open
Section 2 open
Section 3 open
Section 4 closed
Bike Parcours closed

Follow the construction process 
until the opening in mid-July 2019. 

This project is supported by the provincial and federal governments and the European Union