1 day as an emergency responder on the Flow Country Trail

At full speed you rush down the Flow Country Trail. You know the route inside out. But then? Wham! You weren't paying attention for a millisecond, overlooked a barrier, and are sent flying to the ground. Ouch! First check? Everything still in place. Second check? Your shoulder really hurts. You can't go any further. Luckily there's a first-aid team! But how does help get to you in the first place? And what do you need to know in case of an accident? We take you on a day as a first responder on the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Flow Country Trail. Put on your helmet and let’s go!


The Team.

The current first-aid team at the Flow Country Trail consists of Christoph, Josef and intern Benjamin - every day at least one of them is on duty on site. Benjamin has been helping at the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen over the summer season for three years now, as he's an enthusiastic mountain biker himself.

Every year our first aiders have to brush up on their knowledge of emergency care – by the way, this applies to all cable car employees of the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen. During these regular first aid classes, it is all about the recovery position, acute wound care and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. They also practise how to remove helmets correctly and how to use a semi-automatic defibrillator. This ensures emergency care in the event of an accident on the trail. However, our team is not allowed to administer painkillers. If immediate pain medication is necessary at the accident site, rescue services or a helicopter must be called to help.


Always on duty.

But what does a day of first responders on the Flow Country Trail actually look like? First of all, Benjamin goes for a check ride on his mountain bike. Even before the cable cars open, he checks the 15 km long route for possible danger spots like fallen branches or stones. Furthermore, he checks all the signposts along the way. To ensure that Benjamin doesn't forget anything on his inspection trip, he notes down all the steps in an interactive form in the company's internal app. This way, any irregularities can be forwarded directly and rectified immediately. Trail check done? Now the day at the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Flow Country Trail can start!

No two days are the same.

During the opening hours, the team is on call. If an accident occurs, the situation is first assessed and then the appropriate rescue chain is set in motion. Then the first responders rush to the scene by quad or car, secure the accident site and provide the necessary first aid.

Depending on the degree of injury, the injured person can be taken directly down to the valley and handed over to the rescue service on site. However, if the rescue site is difficult to access or the injuries are more serious, the rescue team must alert the mountain rescue service. A rescue helicopter might also be used. But don't worry: most accidents so far have been mild. And the mountain bike involved in the accident has always made it back to the valley station.

Please note: Our team is only responsible for first aid on the Flow Country Trail & Pumptrack and only during the regular opening hours of the Kaiserburgbahn. You can reach them at the telephone number: +43 4240 8282 152. For all other bike routes in the region as well as outside the opening hours please contact the mountain rescue under the Alpine emergency number 140. You should always have these numbers handy so that you can act quickly in an emergency.

General rules of conduct on the Flow Country Trail.

As you can see, we care about your safety and you can trust our experienced first aiders in an emergency. But to prevent this from happening in the first place, we've summarised a few rules for you below. Of course, these rules of conduct apply to mountain biking in Carinthia in general. So you should always keep them in mind!


  1. Observe the opening hours! Using the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Flow Country Trail is only permitted during the regular opening hours of the Kaiserburgbahn.
  2. Stay on the marked and signposted trail! The general road traffic regulations also apply on the Flow Country Trail.
  3. Keep to the boundaries! Some trails are primarily for agricultural, forestry and wildlife protection purposes.
  4. Keep your eyes ahead: Always ride at half speed and at a controlled speed. If an unexpected obstacle blocks your path, dismount and push your bike past. In this case, please also let the bottom station know that there is something on the track.
  5. Safety first! As well as your equipment, you should also check your mountain bike regularly for any damage or defects.
  6. Respect the environment and keep the mountains clean. Dispose of your waste properly and avoid unnecessary noise. However, shouts of exhilaration on the descent are of course allowed!

Safe and ready to go? Then grab your bike and head off to the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Flow Country Trail. We look forward to seeing you!