Digitalisation in the cable car industry

Our world is becoming increasingly fast-paced, increasingly interconnected and most of all: increasingly digital. We can hardly imagine everyday life without smartphones and the like. Digitalisation is here to stay and simplifies our lives in so many areas. But what impact does digitalisation have on the cable car industry? How smart and digitally savvy are we at Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen anyway? And what digital changes are we heading for right now? Let's see, as we take a digital look at ourselves today.


Information in the blink of an eye.

You probably have a prime example of the increasing digitalisation of our world in your pocket: the smartphone. For our employees, it's part of their everyday work, because almost all of our internal communication takes place digitally via a special employee app.

On various channels within the app we share updates from the management, organise duty rosters and notify colleagues about current technical malfunctions. Even the odd piece of customer feedback has a place here. In addition, employees can exchange information with the entire team via a social channel. This also simplifies the integration of new colleagues, who are integrated into the flow of information and social interaction from day one. However, with or without the technology, the app cannot and will not replace personal interaction in our day-to-day work.


Fast, digital, contactless.

Can you still remember the crumpled paper tickets you had to show at every lift? Those days are long gone, because our current keycards allow for convenient and contactless access to all facilities of the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen. You can find out how the ski ticket has changed over the decades in our blog post "The evolution of the ski pass".

You can also conveniently purchase your ticket in the webshop and then pick it up at the ticket machine – without the hassle of queuing, so that you can get up to the mountain as relaxed as possible!


Tip: Do you still have a keycard at home from your last winter holiday? Then why not recharge it online. If you want to give the gift of a unique mountain experience, it's also worth taking a look at our voucher shop.


Mobile first.

Not so long ago, you had to ask for current information, disruptions or opening times by phone or at the ticket office on site. Nowadays you can get it live on your smartphone, anytime, anywhere. You can access all information about the opened cable cars, slopes, trail sections and the Kaiserburg Bob live on our website – in winter as well as in summer. If a facility opens or closes, this is updated in real time. Accordingly, a mobile version of our website is also of great importance. We use clear icons so that you can find the latest information from our skiing, hiking and biking area without having to spend a lot of time searching. A glance at the homepage will give you an overview.


Digital foresight.

Throughout the year, the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen provide live camera images from over ten webcams – in the highest resolution and constantly updated. This let you check out the weather conditions on the mountain and in the valley for yourself. Bad weather? Then head for the cosy and warm Thermal Römerbad.

Always up to date.

Of course, social media is also an important part of our corporate communication. In addition to exciting behind-the-scenes insights from our team, we provide you with all kinds of information about our skiing, thermal spa, hiking and biking area. Whether it's weather conditions, opening times or events – if you want to stay up-to-date, you can find us on Instagram and Facebook via @badkleinkirchheimerbergbahnen.

Rental 2.0.

Are you still missing the right equipment for your next skiing or biking adventure? You can easily reserve the equipment you need online at various sports shops and rental stations in the Bad Kleinkirchheim region: Select your ski or bike equipment and size, fill in the data and you're done. Of course, we're also happy to advise you in person and provide you with the right equipment!


By the way: it pays to book early because it saves time and sometimes even money. It also ensures that the equipment you want is still available.


Digitally on the move: today’s snow grooming.

Digitalisation doesn't end with our snow guns either. And that's a good thing, because nowadays we can collect more data than ever before. This has huge advantages for snowmaking, for example. Thanks to built-in weather stations in the snow guns, they're programmed to automatically use the best window for snowmaking – whether it's in the middle of the night or at ten in the morning.

And our piste fleet could hardly be more digital either. In the Bad Kleinkirchheimer ski area we use modern Prinoth Leitwolf vehicles. These aren't just especially resource-saving, cost-efficient and precise, but are also equipped with all kinds of digital features: large colour displays, GPS tracking, precise snow height measurement, and everything you can think of… of course, an alert human being is still needed to steer the vehicle. However, the digital features assist our employees in their assessments on the slopes. This is also reflected in our efficiency, as it saves fuel and protects our piste equipment.

Smart, smarter, cable car.

The Doppelmayr Connect cableway control system is a particularly important digital milestone. We use it on the Spitzeckbahn, for example. The reliable functions and logical structure of the technology let our employees control the cable car intuitively. This is especially important for your safety. It lets our team focus even more on what's happening in the boarding zone and react quickly to incidents.

And now? Let’s take a look into our digital future.

Our minds are already buzzing with ideas on how we can make use of the digital transformation – to simplify processes and optimise offers. For example, your relaxation will soon begin even earlier, because an online ticket for the Thermal Römerbad is currently being implemented. You will then be able to order your ticket from the comfort of your own home. We're also currently working on an information and guidance system to relieve the pressure on more frequented areas. After all, we want to make all facets of our ski area accessible to you without stress - from the car park to the ski hut. A digital ski ticket from the company Skidata also seems to be within reach. Above all, however, we're also keen to simplify the organisation of our team's duty rosters. In the future we want to present them even more clearly and individually on our employees' smartphones. And then? We're excited to see where digital progress will take us.


Is there anything you'd like to see from us in the area of digitalisation? We look forward to your suggestions at:


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