Which massage is the right one?

Is your neck stiff, your head aching or are you simply longing for a short break from your stressful everyday life? There are many reasons that speak for a massage. But with so many different massage techniques on offer, it's easy to get lost in the mix. When should I book which massage? How do the individual massage techniques differ from each other? And what should I generally bear in mind when making an appointment for a massage at the Thermal Römerbad? Take a deep breath and let us take you on a relaxing journey into the world of massages.


Not all massages are the same.

For centuries, massages have been considered a true miracle cure for mind and soul. However, the various massage techniques are by no means limited to vigorous kneading of the shoulder and neck region, but differ in their areas of application and their effects. While the targeted stretching or pressure stimuli can help to relieve tension and stimulate circulation, they usually also have a beneficial effect on the psychological state.


In the following, we have put together a selection of the most popular types of massage provided at the Thermal Römerbad. You are sure to find the perfect massage for you!


1. Foot reflexology massage.

Our feet have to withstand a lot. After all, they carry us over hill and dale all our lives – whether in comfortable sneakers, tight high-heels or barefoot. And they really are superheroes because many important nerve pathways converge in them, which can be associated with the various regions and organs of the body.


During a foot reflexology massage, the individual reflex points on the sole and arch of the foot are gently kneaded. This stimulates the nerve pathways and activates the body's self-healing powers. For example, massaging the toes can relieve discomfort in the neck and head, while applying pressure to the heel can provide relief for problems in the back and pelvis. But foot reflexology might also have a healing effect on circulatory problems, rheumatism and tension.


You can take a closer look at the individual reflex zones of the feet in the following diagram:

2. Facial massage.

Do you suffer from headaches? Are you stressed? Or are you noticing the first wrinkles around your eyes? Then treat yourself to a facial massage! Since ancient times, this type of partial body massage has provided relief from puffy skin and tired eyes. Your face will benefit from gentle tapping, stroking and kneading techniques. This stimulates the circulation, relieves headaches and reduces the signs of stress. And on top of that, you are left with a fresh complexion!

3. Lymphatic drainage.

Have you ever heard of lymphatic fluid? It flows through your entire body and flushes waste and toxins out of your tissues. However, in the case of health problems or after an operation, it can happen that too much lymph fluid accumulates in the body, causing swelling. Medical lymphatic drainage provides relief by reviving the stagnant lymph flow. Gentle pumping movements combined with applied pressure release the accumulated fluid from the tissue and swollen arms, legs and feet can recover.


Please note! You should refrain from lymphatic drainage if you have a tumour, an acute infection, a weak heart or eczema!


4. Hot stone massage.

Sounds relaxing – and it is. Because with this type of massage, everything revolves around the heat from stones: so-called basalt stones are heated to approx. 60 °C, placed on certain acupuncture points on the body and then gently moved. This releases tension, stimulates blood flow and improves cell regeneration. The nervous and lymphatic systems also benefit from the hot stone massage. Toxic substances leave your body and you feel fresher and more alert. We highly recommend this soothing treatment, especially in winter!

5. Sports massage.

Are you active in sports? Then you might have already benefited from a sports massage yourself. It aims to improve athletic performance and increase the effectiveness of training. Targeted stretching techniques relieve tension, promote circulation and restore joint mobility.


For athletes, the sports massage is often used when preparing for and regenerating after competitions. But a sports massage can also work wonders for other physical ailments. For example, it is particularly suitable for the treatment of overstrained hip flexors, which can be caused by sitting for too long.


But be prepared: In order to loosen the affected muscles, the sports massage is applied much more firmly than other massage techniques.


6. Classic massage.

The best-known of all massage techniques is the classic partial or full-body massage. The combination of stroking, kneading and tapping promises quick relief from many muscular complaints. The long and slow movements promote blood flow, which has a very positive effect on reducing tension. However, this type of massage is particularly popular because it helps the body to relax wonderfully and can significantly reduce stress levels.


Tip: Especially after heavy lifting or sitting at a desk for hours, a back massage is a great way to stretch and loosen your muscles in the neck, back and shoulders.

How do I prepare for my massage?

Do you now also really fancy a massage, but don't know what to bear in mind for your first massage appointment? We have summarised the most important information for a visit to the Thermal Römerbad for you:


  1. You can make an appointment for a massage in advance by phone (+43 4240 8282 207) or by email (beauty@ski-thermen.com). Our team will be happy to help you choose the right massage. If you are prevented from attending at short notice, please cancel your appointment as soon as possible!
  2. Please make sure you arrive on time - about 10 minutes before the appointment starts - at the Thermal Römerbad.
  3. Please ensure appropriate body hygiene. A shower on the day of the appointment is advisable. Especially for a foot massage, we would greatly appreciate clean and healthy feet.
  4. If possible, please don't come to the massage with a full stomach. In any case, you should refrain from eating heavy meals before the appointment, as lying on your stomach could otherwise be uncomfortable.
  5. Don't forget to switch off your mobile phone, remove jewellery and watches and tie up long hair.
  6. Drink plenty of water both before and after the massage. This stimulates the metabolism, releases waste products and gets the circulation going.
  7. Should we pay special attention to certain parts of the body? Are you in pain? Are there certain oils that you cannot tolerate? It is best to express your wishes before the massage, so that you can enjoy your time out in the best way possible.
  8. You do not need to bring your own towel with you. After each client, we change our linen, wash it at at least 60° C and disinfect the massage beds.

Now that you are well informed about the various offers and the massage procedures at the Thermal Römerbad, it's time to book your next massage appointment. For the perfect pampering programme, we also recommend our Carpe-Diem day offer. For yourself or as a gift – it's worth trying it out!