The Heads of the Kaiserburg Bob

A work day between eagles eye and adrenalin rush.


36 double-seater bobs, 26 steep turns and 1.4 kilometres of pure bliss: Since 2020, the Kaiserburg Bob has been bringing smiles to young and old alike. But what actually goes on behind the scenes at this adventurous attraction? Who is responsible for safety on and off the track? And how do our employees feel about working on Carinthia's most modern alpine roller coaster? Join us on a fast-paced ride behind the scenes of the Kaiserburg Bob!

Kaiserburg Bob Mitarbeiter, Kontrollfahrt am Morgen

The daily safety check.

To ensure that you can race down into the valley without any worries, the working day at the Kaiserburg Bob starts long before the first bob zips downhill. Our employees, Markus Baumhackl and Fabijan Cosic, are responsible for the smooth operation of the facility during the summer of 2022. During their daily safety checks, they inspect all rails and bobs, as well as the transport cable for any defects. A test run is also part of this routine. And although Markus and Fabijan have already ridden the Kaiserburg Bob hundreds of times, it still brings them great pleasure.

On the bobs, get set, go!

Of course, Markus and Fabijan are also responsible for ensuring order and safety during operating hours. When you climb aboard, they will show you the correct seating position, monitor age limits, check the safety belts and explain how to use the breaks. After a short safety briefing, you’re off: from the valley station, you and your bob will first be pulled up a steep slope of about 600 metres. Once at the top, you take the wheel! Over waves and steep curves, you'll descend back down into the valley at speeds of up to 40 km/h. The highlight of the course awaits you in the home stretch, where a seven-meter-high gyro provides the final adrenaline rush.


Safety first!

During the rapid descent, you are bound to feel the thrill of centrifugal forces. But there's no need to worry: the Kaiserburg Bob is designed in such a safe way so that nothing can happen to you even at high speed. The way the bobs work is quite simple: there are two brake levers connected to each other on the sides. When you press them down, the bob slowly rolls downhill. As soon as you release the levers, the bob will brake again. So in case of an emergency, the bob comes to a stop by itself! In addition, a built-in reverse safety device ensures that you won't roll in the wrong direction.


With full speed to the home stretch!

We definitely recommend riding the bob more than once. After your first rather hesitant attempts, you’ll get more and more confident on the track. The best times to go full throttle are in the morning at 10 am or shortly before closing time at 4 pm. Let us know at the start if you would like to go faster. Markus and Fabijan will then make sure there is a little more space between the bobs, provided it is not too much of a crowd waiting. After all, who wants to be slowed down halfway?

A full day of thrilling roller coaster moments.

A day at the Kaiserburg Bob is quite thrilling, wouldn’t you say? Markus and Fabijan also enjoy the technical challenge at one of Austria’s most modern alpine roller coasters. More than anything else, however, it's the beaming eyes of the guests that put a smile on their faces every day. Finally, we asked them for their recommendation on the perfect Kaiserburg Bob experience: “Stick to the rules, leave your fears at home and just have fun!”


On this note: on your bob, get set, go! We look forward to your next visit to the Bad Kleinkirchheim Kaiserburg Bob!