The power of the forest: Yoga at 2,000m above sea level

Always faster, further, higher. Ever more global, ever more digital, ever more accessible. Our society is under pressure. Lots of people are longing for time out, a complete reset, a return to themselves.


There are various approaches to recharging our batteries – in the forest, on the mountain, doing yoga. But what effects does being in nature actually have on our organism? How does yoga not only benefit you, but also your environment? And how can the Mountain Yoga Trail help restore your inner balance? Grab your yoga mat and join us on a mindful journey through the healing natural landscape of our Nockberge mountains.

Mountain Yoga Trail Station in Bad Kleinkirchheim

The tranquillity of the forest.

It's no secret that being out in the green works like a balm for our minds. But have you ever heard of forest bathing? This is much more than a relaxing Sunday stroll through mother nature. Rather, it means spending mindful time in the forest – with all your senses: noticing the gentle breeze rustling in the trees, breathing in the clean air and the earthy scents of the forest floor, or actively observing the variety of colours and wildlife.

Just a few minutes in the forest will have a positive effect on your well-being and energy level. Several strong breaths of fresh forest air improve your ability to concentrate, lower your blood pressure and reduce stress hormones. Spending regular time in the forest activates a variety of natural defences that help counteract cardiovascular diseases. A natural booster for your immune system! This is also confirmed by science: the forest is good for you and refreshes the body and mind on all levels.


But the forest can do so much more: spruces, larches and stone pines, such as those found in the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Carinthian Nockberge, contain a variety of healing essential oils and resins. There are also numerous silent superheroes hiding at the edges of the forest, such as lungwort, primroses and rose hips. Look out for these miracle remedies of nature!

The power of the mountains.

Even more positive effects on your mental and physical health await you above the treetops. Mountains are also said to have healing powers.


For one thing, the fresh mountain air lowers blood pressure and is considered a kind of natural drug. Due to the lower air pressure at altitude, the body produces more hormones that promote blood circulation, which has a positive effect on well-being and athletic performance.


The mountain air also influences cardiac health and strengthens the immune system. A study by the University of Zurich proves this: people who live at an altitude of 1,000m reduce their risk of a heart attack by about 22% and their risk of a stroke by about 12%. Maybe that's why mountain goats get sick less often?

Last but not least: mountains make you happy! The view of a breath-taking mountain panorama, the scent of alpine herbs and plants, the sensual sound of birds – all these aspects work like a balm for body and soul. Our body releases happiness hormones, relaxes and allows us to forget the stress of everyday life. So what are you waiting for? Off to the Carinthian peaks!


The magic of yoga practice.

Yoga has a similar therapeutic effect on your health. Based on an ancient Indian philosophy, yoga aims to bring body and mind into harmony. Various physical and meditative exercises stimulate and activate the energy centres in the body. Practising yoga regularly will improve your health, posture and flexibility in the long term. Most of all, however, yoga promotes patience, strengthens the circulation and immune system and increases mindfulness towards fellow human beings, the environment and yourself.


In short: yoga isn't just good for you, but also for your environment!

As you can see, the forest, the mountain and yoga have a demonstrably positive effect on your physical and mental health. Is the combination of these three things a kind of super cure for stress and inner turmoil? Try it out: on the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Mountain Yoga Trail, we use the power of nature to draw new energy, find inner balance again and spread the serenity we've gained out into the world.


Here's how to get to the Mountain Yoga Trail.

Far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, we take the Brunnach Biosphärenparkbahn up to 2,000m above sea level. From there it's only a few metres to the starting point of the Mountain Yoga Trail. In the midst of the breath-taking nature of the UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Carinthian Nockberge, between the smell of the forest and the sweeping views, the circular trail leads you through ten different asanas – and to yourself at the end. The Mountain Yoga Trail is accessible free of charge and suitable for everyone. It's worth a try!


You can find more information about the Mountain Yoga Trail on our website and at the ticket offices of the Bergbahnen. Would you like to dive deeper into the philosophy of yoga? Then contact Anja Krois directly. She supported the conception of the Mountain Yoga Trail with her many years of expertise as a yoga teacher in order to bring more mindfulness and movement into our everyday lives.


* Please note: this information is not derived from scientific or medical sources. It's for general information purposes only and is not a substitute for medical advice.