Say Cheese – Winter Edition. The 5 most beautiful panoramic photo spots around the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen

Time to strap on your skis, put on your ski goggles and head off down the slopes, enjoying the gentle turns as you go. There’s no such thing as a bad day’s skiing at the skiing area Bad Kleinkirchheim. You’d be tempted to stop at every corner and capture the breathtaking scenery – if it weren't for the hassle of having to take off and put back on your cosy, warm gloves...


After publishing our summer edition, we’ve now also set out in winter in search of the best and most panoramic photo spots around the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen. And we’ve found them. So that you can spend more time skiing than stopping to take photos, today we reveal our top 5 most beautiful photo spots in the skiing area. You won’t get out your camera in vain here, we promise!

1. The stone portal.

The stone archway attracts visitors with panoramic views of the Carinthian Nockberge mountains in both summer and winter. In summer, this spot serves as the start of the 15-kilometre Flow Country Trail. In winter, a snow-covered landscape is waiting to be discovered, just like the ones you used to see in the picture books from your childhood. The direct view of the summit cross on the Wöllaner Nock (2,145 m) is the icing on the cake.


Where? Directly at the Kaiserburgbahn summit station, making it easily accessible not only with winter sports equipment, but also on foot.

2. The tanning stations.

Fancy a sun-drenched break in a deckchair? Yes, please! Our tanning stations are waiting for you all around the skiing area Bad Kleinkirchheim. Sit back and enjoy the fantastic view, watch the other winter sports fans carving up the snow or simply close your eyes and treat yourself to some peace and quiet. Your friends will be jealous of holiday snaps like these!


Where? Always chasing the sun! You will find our tanning stations at the following locations in the skiing area: Muldenlift valley station (3), Strohsackbahn summit station (5), Priedröflift valley station (14), Höhenlift valley station (18) and Spitzeckbahn summit station (21).

3. The panorama bench on the Brunnachhöhe.

From one end of our skiing area to the other – that’s the view you’ll get from the Brunnachhöhe. Breathe in deep, take it all in and spend a while recharging your batteries from the panoramic bench waiting for you there. The wonderful view of the snow-covered Nockberge mountains and the Kaiserburg summit is definitely worth a photo!


Where? The cable car Biosphärenparkbahn Brunnach will take you to the summit. Whether on skis, snowboard or on foot – the path to the left of the summit station exit leads directly to the viewing point.

4. Relaxation hut at the Schartenabfahrt.

Need a quick break before your next downhill run? Feel free to pop in for a stopover at the rustic wooden hut directly on the Schartenabfahrt (23). The idyllic relaxation hut boasts a fantastic view of the Wiesernock summit (1,968 m), while you can watch other skiers take the Schartenabfahrt (23) and the Seenabfahrt (20).


Where? The Spitzeckbahn (21) will take you up the mountain. At the top, turn off towards slope no. 23 and you’ll find the cosy hut right at the start of the Schartenabfahrt (23).

5. Race course on the Nockalm.

The Priedröf summit at 1,963 metres is the perfect photo place, definitely one for the family album! It marks the starting point of the race course, where skiing stars of any age can find out who has the quickest time. But watch out: The wonderful panoramic view has the potential to distract you from your skiing for a few moments. Don’t forget to get the perfect snapshot of your kids setting a new personal best!


Where? The Nockalmbahn cable car (17) and the panorama lift (15) will take you up. You’ll find the race course with timekeeping facility to the right of the T-bar lift track of the panorama lift.

Memories are best when shared. So please tag us when you post your pics on Facebook or Instagram (@badkleinkirchheimerbergbahnen). We’re already looking forward to a colourful picture book full of unforgettable winter moments in the skiing area Bad Kleinkirchheim.