Hit the slopes, ditch the beach. 10 reasons to go on a skiing holiday in Carinthia

Forests covered in snow, crystal-clear air and gentle mountain peaks sparkling in the sun. Year after year, our Nockberge mountains are transformed into a true winter wonderland, casting a spell over many winter sports enthusiasts. Whether on skis, a toboggan or in the luxuriously warm thermal water – a winter holiday in the mountains is sure to recharge your batteries without you even having to think about it. But what is it really that makes a skiing holiday so fascinating? Here are 10 reasons why a winter holiday in the skiing area Bad Kleinkirchheim is definitely a good idea.

1. Say goodbye to the gym.

Skiing is an excellent workout for your entire cardiovascular system. Because when you get moving in the fresh air, you promote circulation, train your muscles and increase endurance, while also improving your balance and coordination.


And just so you know, that’s all been confirmed by a study at the University of Innsbruck, which investigated the positive effects of regular skiing. Apart from the obvious effects mentioned above, skiing also has a positive impact on your metabolism, cognitive performance, mental agility and cholesterol levels – not to mention the breathtaking mountain panoramas you’ll be treated to at the same time.


2. A feast for all the senses.

And speaking of the panoramic scene: the majestic views of the summits, in the midst of a picturesque winter landscape, sometimes take our breath away. So, when you’re in the mountains, take a few deep breaths, simply have a good look around and enjoy. Glittering mountains, snowy summits all around, views into the distance and into the valley … A real treat for the eyes as well as your health.

3. Train your brain on the slopes.

Don’t worry, we won’t make you solve a crossword puzzle in the lift! What we’re talking about instead are the many stimuli and challenges that your brain processes when exploring the 103 kilometres of slopes in the skiing area Bad Kleinkirchheim. By tackling the various scenarios you come up against on the slopes, skiing can even help to reduce the risk of dementia. So off you go! A real skiing paradise is waiting for you on 35 descents – from the demanding north slopes to the friendly sunny slopes.


Tip: If you don’t fancy hitting the slopes, then check out the extensive range of winter and snowshoe hikes, cross-country skiing, tobogganing and skating. And the events around the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen are also worth a visit.


4. From Kärntner Kasnudeln to Kaiserschmarren.

A skiing holiday without over-the-top feasting is a bit like skiing without ski boots. Not recommended! Give your legs the fuel they need for the upcoming descents by sitting down to a hearty breakfast in the morning, before you treat yourself with some authentic chalet cuisine at lunchtime. Dessert at dinner time is usually followed by a schnapps before bedtime – the foodie in you will love it!

5. Always welcome.

After a long trip, being greeted by the warmth and hospitality of the locals often feels like coming home. The good cheer of the Carinthians is unrivalled so you are sure to enjoy lively conversations by the fireplace, make long-lasting acquaintances and sample your way through any number of homemade specialities.


6. And your hairstyle? Best to forget about it.

Blow drying, flattening, putting on make-up – you can really save yourself the trouble of all that on a skiing holiday. Because the only styling you truly need on the slopes involves a helmet, ski goggles and sunscreen.


Tip: A good moisturiser at night is just as important as wearing sunscreen during the day. After all, why shouldn’t your dry winter skin also look forward to a little wellness ritual while on holiday?

7. From the slopes to the sauna.

You probably already guessed it: after an active day outdoors, you really deserve to end the day with a relaxing trip to the spa. Let yourself go in the warm outdoor spa pool, surrounded by breathtaking mountain views. Or enjoy a couple of sessions in the sauna, wreathed in the heartwarming fragrance of Swiss stone pine. And if you’d like to be even kinder to yourself, then treat your tired muscles to a deep sports or relaxation massage.


By the way: A visit to the Thermal Römerbad is not only healthy, but also an excellent all-day alternative for whenever the mountain weather isn’t being entirely cooperative.


8. Simply switch off.

For a lot of people, a skiing holiday is the total opposite to their working life. This makes it an even more inviting way to declutter the mind, reenergise and take time out to find yourself again in the great outdoors. Time to break free from the daily slog and listen to the snow crunching under your skis – now that’s a holiday for body, mind and soul.

9. More time together.

While the adults head to the slopes, the little ones have their first experiences on two boards in the ski school or playfully explore the exciting winter wonderland. A family holiday together doesn’t mean that everyone has to do the same things all the time. It’s much more about making lasting memories with the whole gang. And when your paths finally cross again, the family-friendly skiing area has something for everyone – from the skidoo tour to night skiing, from the kids slope to the Kaiserburg Bob.


10. Holiday locally.

You don’t always have to head off on long flights to far-away lands. In the Austrian Alps, you’ll find a winter paradise right on your doorstep. And when you’re there? The free ski buses will take you from A to B quickly and easily, so you can leave the car at home. In the village of Bad Kleinkirchheim itself, all the important places and locations can be reached on foot anyway.

So, have we convinced you? There are many reasons to spend your next winter holiday in Carinthia’s snowy Nockberge mountains. Between first-class descents, the traditional chalet atmosphere and breathtaking panoramic views, there’s a plethora of winter experiences for the whole family just waiting to be enjoyed. Well, what are you waiting for? We can’t wait to welcome you here at the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen.