Family trail - The best slopes for inexperienced and returning skiers

Your first attempt on skis is already behind you. Insecure and wobbly was yesterday – now you’re ready to tackle the first ‘real’ slopes. But how do you find your way around the skiing area Bad Kleinkirchheim? Which slopes are suitable for your ability? And what if you suddenly lose your confidence to go further? Today it's all about the basics on the slopes. Let's go!


Blue, red, black?!

Across all ski areas, the difficulty of a slope is indicated by different colours. In Austria, these are blue, red and black. You can tell which slope you’re on by the signs at the edge of the slope:


  • Blue slope: easy, suitable for beginners
  • Red slope: somewhat more difficult, good for experienced skiers
  • Black slope: difficult, only for advanced skiers


A ski slope is classified into one of these categories depending on the gradient. A blue slope, for example, has a maximum gradient of 25%. Have you just started skiing or would you like to enjoy a leisurely day of skiing with the family? Then you’re in safe hands on the blue slope.

By the way: What are known as ‘blue slopes’ in Austria are labelled as ‘green slopes’ in France, USA, Canada and New Zealand. A blue slope there is already considered a descent for advanced skiers. So always check the local slope markings before setting off.


Feel at ease.

While beginner’s slopes in many ski areas tend to be close to the valley, the skiing area Bad Kleinkirchheim is high up. You will also find wide, flat slopes at higher altitudes – and a fantastic mountain panorama to match. Our cable car takes you to the summit in just a few short minutes. And if you are still not confident enough to ski down the entire valley run at the end of your day on the slopes, then a descent by cable car is always possible.


Are you still unsure which piste you can already ski? In the ski area Bad Kleinkirchheim, these slopes are ideal for inexperienced skiers and families:


  • Kaiserburgabfahrt (No. 1T) and the Slow Slope
    From the middle station of the Kaiserburgbahn, you ski down into the valley at a leisurely pace and enjoy a fantastic panoramic view. In the lower section, the approx. 1.5 km long slope turns into the so called “Slow Slope”. This means that special consideration is given to children, beginners and those returning to the sport after a time away.
  • Höhenabfahrt (No. 18)
    From the mountain station of the Nockalmbahn, take the T-bar lift up a little further. At an altitude of 1,960 metres, a breathtaking panoramic view of the Nockberge mountains awaits before you whizz downhill again on the approx. 1km-long east or west track along the T-bar lift.
  • Panoramaabfahrt (No. 15) with race course
    Take the Nockalmbahn and the Panoramalift up to the Priedröf summit. The highlight up there is not just the magnificent panoramic view, but also the race coruse with timer. A must for big and small ski stars alike.

Priedröfabfahrt (No. 17)
From the mountain station to the valley station of the Nockalmbahn, you take a leisurely 5.6 km long trail through the forest. Note: this run is only open when there is enough natural snow available.


Sonnleiten Übungshang and Kidsslope
For your first go on the boards, it’s best to hone your skills on the practice slope at the Sonnleiten lift. Even little ski stars get their money’s worth there: at the Kidsslope with fun waves and sweeping curves, you’ll definitely get a few great photos for the family album


Tip: Every Thursday in the holiday weeks, night-time skiing sessions also take place here for all our little (and big) ski stars.

3 tips for your first time.

Now you already know which slopes you can use without worrying. But what else do you need to bear in mind for your first time on the slopes?


  1. Learn the basics.
    Four ski schools in the skiing area Bad Kleinkirchheim provide the necessary basic knowledge on and off the skis. In group or individual courses, highly trained ski instructors will help you to be (even more) safe on the slopes.
  2. Practice, practice, practice.
    Even the professionals started small once. With a special lift ticket you can try out all the practice lifts in the valley area before you venture onto the higher slopes
  3. Keep an overview.
    All slopes are marked on large slope maps. You will find these boards at all busy places in the ski area, e.g. next to the lift stations. We also advise that you carry a foldable panoramic map handy in your jacket pocket. So you can already plan your next run in the lift. You can also see which lifts are currently open using the live panorama on our website.

Oh no, it’s too steep!

Just like the hiking trails in summer, the slopes are not always equally steep. It’s quite possible that a blue slope will start out very flat but in between you’ll find yourself in more challenging, steeper sections.


Do you suddenly find yourself stuck at one point on the piste? Don't panic! If possible, turn around and take the lift down. If you’re not able to do that, then slide slowly along the edge of the slope to the next junction. And if visibility is poor, we recommend stopping at the next hut anyway.


Not skiing today?

Would you like to explore the ski area off the slopes? Then take a look at our winter highlights. A special highlight is the skidoo tour for children. Every Tuesday between 4:30 and 5:30 p.m., our staff take our little guests on an exciting journey through the ski area. The meeting point is directly at the valley station of the Biosphärenparkbahn Brunnach.


But now you’re definitely ready for your first day of skiing, right? We look forward to welcoming you and your loved ones to the skiing area Bad Kleinkirchheim very soon.