Who is Hansjörg?

In recent years, he has made the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen an innovative, driving force for the region, but also an attractive destination for holidaymakers. He has built bike trails, created summer adventure offers on the mountain, invested in the cable car and snow-making facilities in the ski area as well as in the offer of the Thermal Römerbad spa and thought about at least a hundred other projects as well. You guessed it! We are talking about Hansjörg Pflauder, our managing director and executive board member. Since 2015, he has provided creative energy for the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen. Today, he joins us in person to discuss what inspires and motivates him most...


What excites you most about your work?

Tourism is an extremely complex topic. And that's what fascinates me so much about it. The potential of the region, the technical innovations or even the variety of offers - all these factors are embedded in a well thought-out marketing concept. So many different aspects come into play, are dependent on each other, and ultimately determine success or defeat. Cable cars play a decisive role and lay the foundation for everything else in a holiday region. In Bad Kleinkirchheim, however, there is another special feature: in addition to the ownership we also operate the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen as well as the Thermal Römerbad spa and can thus offer skiing & wellness all in one. In my view, this is a very attractive offer for guests.


Are you more of a winter or summer type?

Both! For me, each season has its own special charm, not least because there is always something new to discover. As a Tyrolean, I have certainly climbed many mountain peaks and seen my share of mountain ranges. And yet I now very much enjoy the unique character of the Nockberge mountains in Carinthia. In wintertime, you can find me (of course!) on the ski slopes in Bad Kleinkirchheim, even if only for a short time to blow off some steam from the office routine. In summer and autumn I also like to discover nature while biking. I especially like the mountain bike trails around the Kaiserburg mountain.


What are your best qualities?

My approach to problem solving. I’m a person with a very strong penchant for innovation and I am incredibly driven: I simply love to make extraordinary ideas come to life. My powers of persuasion combined with a great deal of tenacity help me to achieve my goals time and again.


Do you have any weaknesses?

But of course. Impatience and time management. Despite my best efforts and a working clock, sometimes my creative chaos overwhelms me so I don't always make it on time.


What are your expectations for the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen going forward?

My expectations are high. I work every day to make sure that the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen is an enterprise that makes guests happy and has it’s finger on the pulse of the times. It should be a magnet for customers, an attractive workplace for employees, and a strong partner for the region.


What would you like guests to know during this time?

Especially in today's fast-paced world, it is important to see nature as a place of power and to harness it. I encourage others to broaden their horizons at the top of a mountain, take a deep breath in the forest, and reorient their perspectives along the way. We must not forget that everyone's body and mind needs a little relaxation every now and then in order to then cope with everyday life again in a strengthened and focused manner.


Where do you see the Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen in five years?

Measured against our ideas and lofty goals, we will have expanded and increased our offers greatly by then. Specifically, this means that we were able to complete investments in cable cars and lifts and to push ahead with digitalisation. We will also have remained one of the most popular and secure employers in the region, for apprentices as well as long-term and experienced year-round and seasonal employees.


What does professional success mean to you?

On the one hand, I'm thinking of a sustainable economy oriented toward value creation in general. In my opinion, this requires a proven but also innovative product range. The whole concept should be accompanied by close interactions with stakeholder interactions at eye level.


How many hours do you work per week?

50 hours plus.


What does happiness mean to you?

A healthy balance between work, family, friends and leisure. For me, there is nothing more important than having fun with what I do. Fortunately, I have managed to do this at the Bad Kleinkirchheim Bergbahnen.


Tea or coffee?

Coffee with a dollop of cream, but only in the morning.


How did you first earn money?

I first earned money doing typical household chores like vacuuming, cleaning the car, or fetching milk. Sometimes I also helped with the neighbouring farmer's field work to supplement my pocket money.


What is on your desk at the moment?

Lots of innovative ideas for which I always have an open ear.


What does luxury mean to you?

Silence: quiet moments in nature.


What is your most important topic at the moment?

Investment planning for next years, for instance... or employee development, which is particularly close to my heart.


What are your wishes for the future?

We have achieved an enormous amount in recent years. That's why I hope professionally that we can continue on the successful course we've embarked on. Privately, I plan to learn falconry and travel to Tibet one day when the time is right for a little break.