What type of skier are you? 10 special characters you’ll find on the slopes

You can discover them all in the heart of the Nockberge mountains and no doubt you’ve come across many of them yourself. The ones who always make particularly wide turns. Or the ones that race past you at the starting line. Or those who linger on the sun terrace all afternoon. Sound familiar? Join us as we dig deep into the box of clichés and take a closer look at our guests in the skiing area Bad Kleinkirchheim. From this colourful bunch of winter sports enthusiasts, 10 stereotypical types of skier stood out to us. Please don’t take it too seriously! ;)


1. The keen kilometre collectors.

This category of winter sports enthusiast is the extremely sporty kind, where every kilometre of slope, every descent and every centimetre of snow-covered ground counts. They thunder about the slopes with their thighs of steel, utilising all the slopes in the ski area to maximise their daily mileage. Taking a break at the relaxation hut is just like a short pit stop – after all, they have to hop back on their skis and get down that slope as quickly as possible. By the way, do you know what a “lift snack” is? Well, here’s a clue: you can often find them in the backpacks of these tireless explorers.

2. The elegant carvers.

You can spot this type of skier from afar thanks to their technical precision and elegant skiing style. They’re not worried about speed, they celebrate the art of skiing with every turn. They’re some of the true masters of getting around on the slopes. By the way: if you want to find out more about how to land the perfect carving turn, read our article “Light and casual”. Here, everything revolves around the right technique when carving.


3. The gourmet hut diners.

These are the foodies among the winter sports fans. Of all the turns, the one towards the nearest refreshment stop is particularly important to them. Forget about putting the slopes through their paces; they prefer to study the menus in Carinthia’s ski huts. They are quickly won over by the culinary specialities on offer in the skiing area and feast their way through the delicacies of regional and international cuisine. For them, lunch is the pleasure-filled highlight of every skiing day.

4. The die-hard technology nerds.

Never without their smartwatch. Every turn is tracked using the latest technology and every movement is analysed down to the last detail. Perfection is all that matters at the end of the day. And the slopes? These winter sports fans use them as the unique field of experimentation to find their perfect line.


5. The enthusiastic ski pole huggers.

They’ve got their bravest faces on but are still a little unsure at the same time. They venture down the slope, over hilly crests and brave the slightly steeper sections of slope. Who cares if it’s just a few steps outside the practice area? These are our beginner skiers. We were all beginners once and so in all seriousness we definitely feel a strong sense of solidarity with them too. Despite a few unfortunate mishaps and falls, they don’t let it get them down and look forward to the next descent with bags of enthusiasm. After all, they’re learning to control the two boards under their feet better each and every day. They are living proof that it’s never too late to start skiing.

6. The adrenalin-charged slope cowboys.

With their high-speed driving style, they break many a rule of winter sports etiquette. The generally applicable FIS rules seem to have no meaning for them. For the slope cowboys, the only thing that counts is the speed, the thrill, the adrenalin. With their daring descents, they even risk serious consequences and endanger the other winter sports fans. But fortunately they’re a rare find in the skiing area Bad Kleinkirchheim.


7. The leisure-seeking sun worshippers.

They emerge onto the slopes of Bad Kleinkirchheim only in the very best weather conditions. However, the combination of bright sunshine and perfect skiing conditions usually only attracts them to the slopes in the morning. Because from midday onwards, they prefer to shift their focus towards a leisurely break on the sun terrace. Why overexert yourself when you can enjoy the open-air spectacle from a deckchair without any effort at all? One accessory they simply can’t do without: sunglasses.

8. The on-trend catwalker.

Some days you could almost mistake the ski slope for a fashion show. For this type of skier, neither skiing skills nor fun on the slopes take centre stage. All they want to do is put their chic, high-priced outfits in the limelight. From eye-catching colour combinations and skin-tight ski suits to high-end brands – they turn the slopes into the catwalk of the mountains.


9. The relentless photo hunters.

One particularly distinctive type of skier can mainly be found at panoramic spots in the skiing area Bad Kleinkirchheim. With their mobile phone glued to their hand and a perfect eye for great lighting, they log every moment in their digital photo gallery. On sunny days especially, what started off as a family day out can quickly turn into a photo shoot. Watch out, because no family member is safe from them! May their smartphones always have enough storage space for countless memories on the slopes.

10. The courageous acrobats.

The snow park is their home. They glide over the rails and boxes with ease, leap over both large and small kickers and leave everyone stunned with their acrobatic tricks. They’re never bored as long as there’s a new trick to master. You’ll have to pick your jaw up off the floor after watching them for a few minutes.


Surely you’ve been able to have a bit of a laugh at a few of these characters. Perhaps you recognise yourself in one of them? Or is there someone you absolutely have to share this article with? Let us know which ‘species’ you would most likely belong to – or can you think of a type of skier we’ve not discovered yet?