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World Cup Winter Run-up: Ski Opening in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Datum 10/10/17

The days get shorter, the nights colder – a clear sign of the approaching World Cup winter in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Between 07 and 10 December 2017, Bad Kleinkirchheim kicks off the ski season and celebrates that occasion accordingly! The start is signalled by devilish fellows at the traditional Krampus party in St. Oswald. Tough guys and hot sounds will here turn night into day.

Sunshine moments in the snow: Pleasure vacation in the World Cup resort of Bad Kleinkirchheim

Datum 10/10/17

The vacation region of Bad Kleinkirchheim on the sunny side of the Alps is known for putting a smile on the faces of its guests. The unique combination of snow-covered gentle alpine world of the Nockberge, soothingly warm thermal waters and a romantic lake-side mountainscape promises southern sunshine moments from morning till night.

Sunshine moments before sunrise: Early Morning Skiing with skiing legend Franz Klammer

Datum 10/10/17

“Ski before 9“ is the motto for snow-loving skiing enthusiasts in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Olympic Champion Franz Klammer accompanies friends of the white winter sport on the pistes of Bad Kleinkirchheim for an entire morning.

gemütliche Einkehr nach Schneeschuhwanderung

Sunshine moments in untouched nature: Winter joys of a different kind in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Datum 10/10/17

Winter in the mountains does not only offer ski & snowboard fun. There are innumerable alternatives to discover the gentle alpine world of the Nockberge Mountains, allowing you to gather nature experiences you would not even have dared to dream of!

Super sunshine moments for epicureans: Discover Bad Kleinkirchheim’s uniqueness

Datum 10/10/17

Immersing into the gentle alpine world of the Nockberge – this is possible in Bad Kleinkirchheim in the true sense of the word. The region does not only attract visitors with the combination variety of mountain and lake-side experience, the resort of Bad Kleinkirchheim also offers 2 thermal spa facilities.

fertige Zubereitung und Garnierung Nocksteak

Culinary sunshine moments

Datum 10/10/17

On the sunny side of the Alps there is one thing above all guests can learn from the locals: How to really enjoy life! In the region’s valleys and basins delicious meals have developed over the centuries that are adapted to local conditions. This traditional cuisine today merges a culinary variety that is without parallel.

Thermencube | Urlaub Bad Kleinkrichheim

Sunshine moments in the snow Where thermal spa meets piste!

Datum 10/25/17

Bad Kleinkirchheim, the wellness destination at the heart of the gentle Nockberge Mountains, offers a one-of-a-kind combination of skiing fun and thermal spa relaxation. And now, the ski resort of Bad Kleinkirchheim has taken things even further – by bringing the thermal spas to the actual slopes!

Familie am Wanderweg | Wanderurlaub Bad Kleinkirchheim

Bad Kleinkirchheim: Strahlende Sonnenschein-Momente erleben

Datum 07/04/18

Wer die Vielfalt sucht, wird in der Region Bad Kleinkirchheim fündig. Inmitten der Kärntner Nockberge warten magische Berg- und Seenerlebnisse, sodass letztlich jeder seinen persönlichen Sonnenschein-Moment findet, Schritt für Schritt. Wie? Damit:

Strahlende Sonnenschein-Momente: Den Sommer in der Region Bad Kleinkirchheim genießen

Datum 03/04/19

Wer die Vielfalt sucht, ist in der Region Bad Kleinkirchheim genau richtig: Inmitten der sanften Alpinwelt der Kärntner Nockberge warten magische Berg- und Seenerlebnisse und persönliche Sonnenschein-Momente auf Schritt und Tritt.

Kärntna Laxn mit frischem Gemüse

Moments of sunshine for your taste buds

Datum 04/05/19

On the sunny side of the Alps you can learn one thing from the locals: how to really enjoy life! In the valleys and basins of the province, delicious dishes have been developed over the centuries, based on regional produce. These days, this traditional cuisine combines a range of incomparable culinary delights.

The Bad Kleinkirchheim region: Bathing with culture and tradition

Datum 04/05/19

Bad Kleinkirchheim’s beginnings The first spa guest was in a hurry: Count Palatine Poto was on the run in 1055 and chose a hiding place, which is still used as a refuge nearly 1,000 years later by many of his descendants – but now it is rather to escape day-to-day life, stress and boredom.

Region Bad Kleinkirchheim: A day in the wild

Datum 04/05/19

Surviving in nature and being left completely on your own – doesn’t that sound exciting?

Full of energy to the mountain peaks and the lake

Datum 04/05/19

The peaks of the Nockberge mountains, gentle and green, are perfect for mountain bikers, no matter whether you are a beginner or a professional.

den See am Steg genießen

Bike Kleinkirchheim From the mountain to the lake

Datum 04/05/19

The Bad Kleinkirchheim nock/bike region makes bikers’ hearts skip a beat! With its impressive programme around the subject of “bikes” from guided tours to technique training, the region delights everyone from active athletes to families, and guarantees unforgettable moments of sunshine.

Double the moments of sunshine for connoisseurs: Discover what is special about Bad Kleinkirchheim

Datum 04/05/19

You can literally immerse yourself in the gentle alpine world of the Nockberge mountains in Bad Kleinkirchheim. The region is not just appealing because of the diverse combination of mountains and lakes, but also because Bad Kleinkirchheim has two thermal spas.

Speik (alpine valerian) – a small plant with an impressive fragrance

Datum 04/05/19

If you want to experience the fragrance of the alpine valerian as a source of energy for the body and mind in the Nockberge mountains, then the Bad Kleinkirchheim region is the place to visit.

Golfen mit Blick in den Biosphärenpark  | Bad Kleinkirchheimer Bergbahnen

Radiant moments of sunshine: Enjoy summer in the Bad Kleinkirchheim region

Datum 04/05/19

If you are looking for variety, then the Bad Kleinkirchheim region is just the ticket: amidst the gentle alpine world of the Carinthian Nockberge mountains, you will discover magical mountain and lake experiences as well as your own personal moments of sunshine at every turn.

Wanderer auf dem Weg zur Berghütte | Wanderurlaub Bad Kleinkirchheim

Moments of sunshine in the Bad Kleinkirchheim region: facts and figures

Datum 04/09/19

The Bad Kleinkirchheim tourism region can be divided into the municipalities of Bad Kleinkirchheim and Feld am See, and lies amidst the gentle alpine world of the Nockberge mountains.

Pause am Bergbach | Wanderurlaub Bad Kleinkirchheim

Personal Moments of Sunshine with the Bad Kleinkirchheim Sonnenschein Card

Datum 04/10/19

One card – countless options! The Bad Kleinkirchheim Sonnenschein Card is now valid all year round and the ideal way to experience and enjoy the variety of the Bad Kleinkirchheim region.

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