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Terms of Use Regionscard

The issuance and all forms of use of a Bad Kleinkirchheim Regionscard are subject to the following

Terms of Use

1. General
The Bad Kleinkirchheim Regionscard (hereinafter abbreviated to “the Card”) is a regional guest card. It is provided free of charge to all properly registered overnight guests at participating accommodation businesses in the municipality of Bad Kleinkirchheim for the duration of their stay (including arrival and departure days). It is not possible to buy the Card. The card operator is BRM Bad Kleinkirchheim Region Marketing GmbH (hereinafter abbreviated to “the Operator”), Dorfstraße 30, 9546 Bad Kleinkirchheim. The Terms of Use given below apply to all services connected to the Regionscard and regulate its use. By accepting the Regionscard, the guest (referred to hereinafter as “the Cardholder”) accepts these Terms of Use.

2. Services
The Card comprises various services from the Operator’s inclusive partners and bonus partners (according to the season). Once the respective Cardholder has received their Card, they are able to use the services shown in the brochure under the following categories:
a) Services from inclusive partners: Inclusive services comprise the free use of selected services from the respective inclusive partner.
b) Services from bonus partners: Bonus services comprise a reduction in the fee to be paid for the respective service being used.
The content of the Bad Kleinkirchheim Regionscard brochure is always decisive for the scope and type of service, whereby it must be pointed out expressly that some services are dependent on time and weather. There is therefore no entitlement to service provision. If a service can, in principle, be used repeatedly, use is limited to once a day.

3. Scope of services/liability
All partner businesses are obliged to provide those services which are identifi ed as Bad Kleinkirchheim Regionscard services to Cardholders to their full extent, qualitatively and quantitatively, during the respective validity period of the Card and in the respective offer period, during their normal business hours, and under their general terms and conditions of transport and business. The services concerned are not services from the Operator. Restrictions on the use of the Card services can generally arise due to business hours and capacity limits of individual partner businesses, and also due to circumstances caused by the weather and the season. In addition, restrictions may arise due to individual closed periods or general restrictions on access. The opening hours stated by the respective service partner must be observed. The Operator does not provide any guarantee as to the constant availability of the stated services. Neither does the Operator guarantee that the services from the partners conform to the Cardholder’s expectations. No entitlement to compensation exists in the event of a service not being provided or not being provided in full. In addition, the Operator reserves the right to terminate the agreements with individual service partners at any time, for any reason, without having to pay the Cardholder compensation for the lost opportunity of using the offered services. When using the services of the Bad Kleinkirchheim Regionscard, the Cardholder becomes a contractual partner of the respective service partner, so that all claims resulting from this must be enforced exclusively against the latter. The Operator only provides the Regionscard, which enables the Cardholder to use certain inclusive services or bonus services, depending on their availability. In the event that the Cardholder makes use of a service from a partner of the Operator, an agreement (service agreement) is exclusively concluded between the inclusive partner or bonus partner and the Cardholder.

The respective applicable General Terms and Conditions of Business or Terms of Use of the partners, including any cancellation conditions, apply to the legal relationship between the inclusive partner or bonus partner and the Cardholder. Any instructions made by inclusive partners or bonus partners when making use of an offer/a service must always be followed. All claims of the Cardholder arising from and in connection with the service provision, in particular also claims for damages and warranty claims, exist exclusively with the respective inclusive partner or bonus partner. The Operator is not liable for any damages that the Cardholder has suffered in connection with using the services from the inclusive partner or bonus partner. The Operator is not obliged to check the services offered by the inclusive partners and bonus partners for their safety or carry out any checks in this respect. There is therefore no liability for the choice or supervision of the services. Any claims arising from the service agreement (inclusive or bonus service) therefore exist exclusively with the inclusive partner or bonus partner. Any claims with the Operator resulting from the operation of the technical card reader system “Bad Kleinkirchheim Regionscard” are limited to cases of gross negligence and intent.

4. Means of transport
The Card entitles Cardholders to free use of the “Wander-Thermen-Bus” (“Hiking and spa bus”). The offer applies only to regular travel in accordance with the timetable, but does not apply to special trips and special services.

5. Conditions of validity
The Bad Kleinkirchheim Regionscard is non-transferable and is valid only in conjunction with offi cial photo identifi cation. The services associated with the Card can only be used by the person named on the Card within the validity period of the Card. The period of validity within which the individual inclusive and bonus services can be used is strictly as indicated in the current Bad Kleinkirchheim Regionscard brochure. Furthermore, the opening hours can also be seen on any notices of the service providers. Variations, especially due to the reasons stated in Point 3, remain unaffected by this. There is no entitlement to service provision against the Operator. The period of validity of each individual Card is determined by the duration of the stay concerned and is noted on the Card. Any claim to replacement in cash or other compensation when the Card is not used is excluded, as is any reimbursement of costs for unused or only partially used Cards.

6. Use
When using the services associated with the Card, the Cardholder shall show their Card to the respective service partner, who will check that this is valid. If requested, the Cardholder must present offi cial photo identifi cation to prove their identity. If they are unable to do so, the service partner may refuse to render the services of the Bad Kleinkirchheim Regionscard. The Cardholder is obliged to look after the Card carefully. Negligent safekeeping specifi cally includes cases where third parties are easily able to take unauthorised acquisition of the Card.

7. Children
Children who have already reached their sixth birthday will receive a Card of their own, personally issued to them. Younger children can use the services offered only when accompanied by at least one parent insofar as these are in possession of a valid Card. This also applies to children who reach their sixth birthday during the period of validity of their parents’ Card.

8. Misuse
In the event of improper use or even where improper use is suspected, the individual service partners are entitled and obliged to retain the Card without replacement. It is not permitted to pass the Card on to third parties even if these are family members, and this will result in criminal proceedings! In addition, the Cardholder is liable for any improper use by third parties.

9. Theft/loss and damage
If the Card is lost or stolen, the Cardholder can report this incident to the respective accommodation business. If the Card is lost, stolen or damaged, the Cardholder will be issued with a replacement Card (duplicate) by the respective accommodation business, whereupon all Cards issued to the Cardholder until then will cease to be valid. The service business, the service partners and the Operator accept no liability in the event of theft or loss. Likewise, they shall not be liable for any consequences resulting from damage to the Card.

10. Applicable law and place of jurisdiction
All disputes arising from the use of the Bad Kleinkirchheim Regionscard are subject to Austrian law with the exclusion of the rules on the confl ict of laws of the IPRG [International Private Law Act] and the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. As the place of jurisdiction, it is agreed that solely the court responsible for Bad Kleinkirchheim shall be competent, provided that no business transaction with consumers pursuant to § 1 Austrian Consumer Protection Act [KSchG] is concerned. This applies not only in respect of the Operator, but for the enforcement of claims against, and by, service partners of the Bad Kleinkirchheim Regionscard, provided their General Terms and Conditions of Business do not provide otherwise.