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Entspannen im Thermal Römerbad

Partial and full body massages

Back or leg massage
25 min € 34,00
Block of 10 € 306,00

Head, neck & shoulder massage
25 min. € 34,00

Facial massage
20 min. € 26,00

Full body massage
45 min. € 51,00
Block of 10 € 459,00

Thermal Römerbad mit Blick auf die Piste

Pine ceremony

Intensive cure with reflex zone massage for new power. The pleasant odour of essential oil and the steamed pine pillow works miracles: calming the mind, stimulating the mood, facilitating sleep and reducing inflammation. Meanwhile, the reflex zones on the hands and feet get activated and the legs and back are massaged.

50 min. € 68,00

Pine oil massage

Full-body 45 min. € 54,00
Back 25 min. € 36,00

Thermal Römerbad Wellnesspool innen

reflexology massage

The self-healing powers of the body's organs are stimulated via the reflex points on the sole and back of the feet.

Foot reflex massage
25 min. € 35,00

Foot reflex & back massage
50 min. € 59,00

Entspannen im Thermal Römerbad

Indulgence hot stamp massage

Promotes detoxification, stimulates circulation and relaxes the muscles. The wonderfully soothing stamps are heated to a deeply satisfying temperature, allowing the carefully selected ingredients to penetrate the skin deeply and thoroughly.

50 min. € 62,00

Manual lymph drainage

This gentle, soft massage technique stimulates lymph drainage and helps to remove retained water.

Face 25 min. € 31,00
Body 45 min. € 51,00

Nordic walking massage

Foot reflexology, leg, shoulder, neck massage with “SPEIK OIL”. We recommend this massage in particular after a hiking, since stressed muscle groups are particularly treated.

45 min. € 53.00

Hamam soap lather massage

Special salt-based peeling followed by a soap lather massage. Includes application of moisturising cream.

50 min. € 63,00

Hot-stone massage

Naturopathy has worked with the power of stones for thousands of years. This treatment also uses their energy and force field.

50 min € 58,00


Moor poultice

Ideal to loosen muscles after exercise, ease cramps, or to soothe aching joints.

30 min. € 26,00

Hay poultice

Purifies and exfoliates your skin. Stimulating for the blood flow as well as the immune system.

30 min. € 26,00

Evening primrose cream poultice

For dry and stressed skin - the actice ingredients of evening primrose have anti aging properties and are effective to treat eczema and psoriasis.

30 min. € 35,00

Veni, vidi, conquievi*

* I came, I saw, I relaxed. 

The Romans were masters of spa and relaxation. Our Trajanus massages blend ancient Roman traditions with modern practices, nature and architecture to create an experience worthy of emperors and empresses.

Sweet pleasure

This honey treatment is relaxing, purifying and stimulates circulation. Valuable vitamins and special massage techniques refresh both skin and body.

50 min. € 64,00

Aroma oil massage

This full-body massage with aromatic oil on the special Hamam table strengthens your body's defences.

50 min. € 64,00


   Preis in €
Hand care 29,00
Pedicure from  33,00
Nail varnish - hands or feet  7,00
Striplac | lasts up to 10 days 17,00
De Luxe, foothbath, pedicure, foot peeling, Massage,
without nail polish 85 min. *
De Luxe, foothbath, pedicure, foot peeling, Massage,
with nail polish 85 min.*

* 5 + 1 (Buy 5 treatments and receive a 6th trreatment for free).


   Preis in €
Facial | 55 Min. 56,00
Deluxe facial | 85 Min. 75,00
Beautiful eyes | 40 Min. 33,00
Eyelash colour 10,00
Eyebrow colour 8,00 
Eyelash and Eyebrow colour 15,00
Waxing 10,00
Miraculix - Facial for children up to age 16 | 45 Min.  38,00
Full-body peeling | 25 Min. 26,00



If something comes up...

Please let us know as soon as possible if you are unable to keep an appointment, otherwise you may be subject to a 100 % cancellation fee. If you arrive late to an appointment, we hope you understand that your treatment will be shortened accordingly to fit the prearranged schedule.